Hi Friends ! this blog is a collection of my thoughts ,feelings,reflections.It is a medium  through which I express them,and share them with all of you.

Hope you will enjoy reading it.I will appreciate your valuable comments and feedback.

11 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Nupur,
    I really love your Hindi Poem,Tumhara Khayal…and also The Moment…awesome.
    Waiting for more..

  2. Wow ,I was not not knowing this wonderful writer Nupur…………

  3. Wow, Nupur the great poet.
    Hope to see new poems & thoughts every week……………….

  4. Hey Sweetie ….It’s really nice poem…was it yr creation? I really loved it…

  5. Nuppy……you are a great writer!!
    Do not restrict yourself to blogging alone !

    Publishers<—— is where these should be going !!

    In an year this is gonna be a huge hit!!!!

  6. Hello , I have nominated you for the “VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD”.

    Glad to meet you here… Keep posting 🙂

  7. Nupur…. If i’m not wrong.. 🙂 lovely blog (n You too 🙂 :)) Simple writing, great work…

  8. A blog with intellectual and poetic depth. Feels good visiting. Cheers 🙂

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