Comfort Zone

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

December 5, 2017

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“COMFORT ZONE” – Well, what’s new or peculiar about it?

We all tend to have our comfort zones with respect to family, friends, acquaintances, dwelling place, workplace etc. We get so much synchronized and tuned up with this environment that we start feeling comfortable living in that. None of the place or situation is perfect. But, when we are well aware of the pros and cons, we get familiarity and preparedness which make us feel comfortable. The more we avoid changes, the more we become engulfed in these “comfort zones”. At times, we become so resistant to change that a mere thought of change starts giving us goosebumps.

And now comes the biggest questions :

What is the boundary of your comfort zone?
How rigid, it is?
How you feel about crossing this boundary? We may have following responses:

  • Case 1:

“Too rigid.
Do not want to cross comfort zone…

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