Navratri~ 9 Days of devotion to Devi Durga

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

October 6, 2013

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” Navratri”, the nine days full of purity, power, piousness.

I remember the early years of childhood , when the meaning of Navratri meant- to get the kuttu pakoris and kheer in the evening as prasad, and halwa poori on the day of Ashtmi.No fear – Mummy will not scold us as she is fasting, Another important thing was to visit the Navdurga temple and see the small market near the temple. ..twice a year, the days which were always different than the other days of the year. Days for worship of the Goddess, Goddess of Power and patience, of wisdom, of spiritual energy ….

Years passed and every year twice I happened to observe the fast for Navratri… during schooldays, the fasts were object oriented.. to get wisdom and good capability for becoming successful.

Gradually , came the days of college, and it was time to move away from home, for higher education. How to make the ” fast food”, how to perform pooja? How to balance it all with classes, roommates and hostel rules ! Still it went smooth , with the kitchen in the hostel mess, visit to the temples in Allahabad…and finding like minded people.

Every year , made me strong and I stopped thinking about when , where and how I will be able to observe these fasts. Years passed and there were instances, when during the fast i was in travel, in a place without kitchen, in another country… but every time I got to have something or the other and did not have to starve ! I can only say that where there is a will there is a way and these days have always proved to be an eye opener for me, showing me a path through unsolved mysteries and taking me to  a path that is best for me for everyone around me .They are now one very significant part of my life. The days to detoxify me of stress, tensions, and fears. The days to empower me with faith, hope and joy.

Days for:

1 Strength and spirituality,

2 Faith and freedom,

3 Hope and happiness,

4 Life and love

5 Power and piousness

6 Cheer and compassion

7 Bliss and Beauty

8 Forgiveness and Fulfillment

9 Energy and Enlightenment


Jai Mata Di


2 Responses to “Navratri~ 9 Days of devotion to Devi Durga”

  1. Loved this post… Shubh Navratri…!!
    JAI MATA DI..!!

  2. Glad you were always remember your traditions, spirituality even if you were far away from home.

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