Walk with Waiz

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

September 1, 2012

Category: Reflections, Thoughts


It was one beautiful morning and a very special one too, the day of Eid. I happened to go to my friend’s place to join her and the family in the Eid celebrations.There I got this opportunity to go for a small walk with her 18 months old son – Waiz.He is lovely cheerful child. He was in white chicken kurta pyjama, with a bright smile on his face. As the house was buzzing with activity and visitors, his mumma was not able to give the usual attention to him. I thought to take him out for sometime and came to the landscaped area of the apartments with him. It was nice to walk slowly with him, looking at the tiny little steps and the listing to the small whistling sound from his sandals.  As we reached the lawns and the park area, Waiz , stood near the patch of green grass and said softly Gra…aas. I turned my face down, he repeated again and pointed the finger towards the grass. I smiled and said yes.. Grass !. He looked at me , smiled back and repeated. I again smiled and step ahead. I felt he was still there admiring the grass, and I asked him to come. He was fast to cover up the distance and come. we again walked and after few steps, I saw another patch of grass, I stopped and he also stopped and as I asked him what is that ? He responded with a smile,  Graasss. 

I was so happy to hear his sweet voice and the way he is now recognizing the things.He pointed in other direction and uttered  flaaa…wer, and pointed at a bright yellow flower. We were there for some five minutes and I could see the delight on his face to look at that small flower. Then he took tiny steps and we moved a bit, he again stopped , this time to see a fly … again a grin on his face. 

The path was sunny now, I was feeling hot. I looked at him , there was slight sweat on his tiny forehead. I made the gesture to take him in lap, but he refused. He was walking, small little tiny steps, looking here and there, and as we walked a bit , I saw a sudden smile on his face, there was a patch of grass again and some small flowers were there.It was amazing.
Though, I was feeling hot and wanted to leave the place, but he was still enjoying that natural beauty of the lawn, irrespective of the burning sunlight.

After this we went to a mall, did some random small shopping, Waiz was sitting in the shopping cart, looking at different things, sometimes trying to converse with me with the little vocabulary, sigh language and some small different sounds. 

Once we were done with shopping , we moved to the billing counter, Waiz was still sitting in the shopping cart, he stood up now and extended his little arms towards me, as I hugged him and looked into his eyes, I felt he is bit sad, he twisted his pink lips and made a very sad face , he uttered ” Mumma” … I gave a assuring expression and said “yes we will go to mumma just wait for sometime..” I took him in my lap. he held me so tightly. When I took the bag he tried making me comfortable by adjusting himself, and balancing well ! Waiz becoming wiser, I felt… he again uttered mumma…I could feel that he needs to go to his mother soon. We were out in sometime and he wanted to walk on his own, we choose the same path and while returning too he was equally interested in the patches of grass, the flower and the fly, one more noticeable additional event was crossing the small speed breaker, I tried to lift  Waiz up and cross the curvy speed breaker, after some three steps, he stopped. he looked at me. He left my index finger, went near the speed breaker . He was looking at it , and then he went to the other side. I just observed and , he balanced himself to cross the speed breaker. I smiled and said very good, he clapped and then again held my finger. 


This small walk , with the little 18 months old baby was an enlightening experience, as I introspected myself , I asked, how many times I spend time and enjoy the little happiness in life, how many times do I take delight in finding the beauty offered by life. What I do when there is a hurdle, and someone just helps me out with it.

Do I ever take it as a challenge and work on it independently, or I just take a small support and forget it ?

Why I am in a hurry to take big steps, reach some place do one assigned predefined activities and come back?

Why amidst all good things amidst all enjoyment,I suddenly feel sad ? what is the reason ?… is it that I miss my home, I miss my parents ! may be so .

I felt I am missing to enjoy the small milestones and beauty of life, I do not adjust to different situations easily and I do not appreciate the challenges.

What I learnt from the small walk with the little baby, I tried to follow and after a week I sense the difference in me. The balanced and more contented me. A cheerful me.
Thanks to wonderful Waiz, for teaching me the lesson of happiness !

5 Responses to “Walk with Waiz”

  1. Very well Written! Loved each and every word of it!

  2. Appreciated every word in it! Very well written,thanks!

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