Mother’s Day

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

May 8, 2011

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Mummy-how could i ever express all the things i feel for you, what i know is that u will know them all, without me conveying it to you. This one day specifically dedicated to wish the mother, Happy Mother’s Day. … yes a day is dedicated .. to make some people remind of that great asset “Mother” .
I do not know how to start, what I know is that the inception of my life has brightned you up emotionally and mentally, you smiled at all the physical troubles that begin with it, you had hopes about me, you have tolerated that incompareable pain and brought me this world !

I remember the sleepless nights u had for me when I was a baby, whenever I was ill.I feel your soft tender loving touch on my forehead.
You stayed awake when I studied till late,you sacrificed your Tv shows for me , restricted your socializing, concluded your career aspirations and so many other things which I am unaware…
In the market when we go , you know what I wanted, you make the best choice for me.You rember what i described to you a month back and get it for me.
I thank you for understanding my irritations, tolerating my bad temper,… counselling me, loving me irrespective of my sucess and failures. Mummy You are the one who has taught me to smile, live life, have a good heart and a beautiful mind. You understand me the most… I have grown up , I am in this world outside, but i wish to be small again and have lovely peaceful time in your lap . I miss ur warmth being miles away , i want to come running as i used to d when I was a toddler and you hug me smile and hold me .Now, whenever I need you most You are always there with me just a phone call away, moment I think .. moment i wish i see the screen of my phone flashing your name . You are amazing mummy .
Happy Mothers Day mummy …love u.

6 Responses to “Mother’s Day”

  1. So touching, i couldn’t stop my tears from rolling!

  2. Its really nice to see the way you have expressed you feelings for “MUMMY”….very well written….

    Though its everyday and every moment when we remember “Mummy”….but its really nice to read this blog on Mother’s Day…..!!…… a day that whole world has dedicated to honor ….the most important and special member of family – MOTHER…

    “Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother’s love is not” —James Joyce.

    Mom is always there…to love…to share…to care…she is always with you…..just love her….and care for her the way she do….Respect her always…and be with her….

    Thanks GOD…..for creating the most wonderful relation in this world…..”MOTHER”…!!

  3. Amazing, i was really moved by the words. Mums are the greatest. They are next to God available on this earth.

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