Tribute to Nana ji

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

October 23, 2010

Category: Reflections, Thoughts


Nana ,….I wish you had been with us for some more time.Guided on some more aspects, made me learn some more philosophies.But now that you decided to conclude your journey, I do not challange your decision. I feel bad, I feel that vaccum which has been created due to your absence…
There are memories associated…and you will live in them, I recall the little me in your lap, going to market , playing with baloons,eating icecreams, I rememeber the stories narrated by you, that 20 page small story book , which you had read to me for as many times as I asked ,with the smile on your face. Your smile when I had several times spoilt your clothes……,torn the papers.
I remember those stories with a moral, i remember your small poems explaining me things from Rain to cobbler… in theway I could understand them.

The leather bag you had given me, when I was going for my summer training…and your words of wisdom to understand work. To later understand academics, meaning of education and duty and role as a teacher.
To know the meaning of my life for myself, my parents. I also learnt to dare… have courage to stand by own beleiefs.
Nana I wanted your support for some more time, guide me … I had not yet taken another big decision of my life…i thought of and always hoped that you will be there to guide and bless.
You have enabled me to understand humanity and compassion. You have taught me to discriminate between material and spiritual… to love the deeds of a person not status…to think and feel above the social classifications…

I love you for all your ways, I need to go a long way to follow them and live a accomplished life. Nana, be there for me , in my thoughts and memories, hold my finger and make me walk when i forget the way ofr I tumble down.
I know you will smile again now and keep your hand on my head. Bless me and be there………

Your life had been an epic… but I was not prepared for reading the epilogue…probably had it been after some time ……

2 Responses to “Tribute to Nana ji”

  1. Nana…. there r numerous gud things tat u taught us…n one of thm is 2 face and accept each situation strongly…. every tym i cry…i remember these words.. n i try 2 b strong. Your life had really been a great epic… freedom fighter…. writer…poet…film news journalist.. educationalist activist… ur association wid NGOs.. You had done a lot in ur lyf… We all remember…hw u had always been ready 2 lend a helping hand 2 strangers.. hw u used 2 give solution fr each n every problem.. Ur valuable piece of advices ” Sach se kabhi darna nahi…Jhooth k aagay kabhi jhookna nahi”..You have been a great source of inspiration… N i m sure…you vil keep inspiring and guiding me… Miss u Nana…

  2. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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