Verdict- Which God needs it !

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

September 30, 2010

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by kabir

I wonder sometimes that when this whole world belongs to God, every corner, every mountain, the land the trees, why is there the arguments for finding a place for HIM. Humans indulge in this warfare to classify their Gods and then later proving them superior to Gods of others.
God is a belief, a faith, an unbiased supernatural power. A fear to keep us disciplined, humble , modest. A positive source of energy o keep us going at the time of distress.
A temple, a mosque , any prayer hall, is just a venue to assimilate together and express gratitude to Him. Expressing gratitude is nothing to do with a sect, a religion. Yes of course the ways to express may be different, diverse, but yes intention is One- to please God, to thank Him.
Which God will like its people to argue, fight , hit others , on the pretext of finding a place for Him.
What are we trying to prove? Doing this… is God so weak that we as followers need to struggle to find a place for him. The best place that he desires is to live in the hearts of people, in a place surrounded by truth, peace love and service.

The nation is waiting for the Verdict regarding the controversial historic fight of Ayodhya.What will change if the decision comes in favour of one sect or other? will it help eradicate poverty, will it help to fight diseases, will it help to fight global challenges?

May or may not followed by another set of riots, – killing , hurting ,burning, turning again to the barbaric uncivilized human who only believed in basic necessity of food ,clothing shelter !
It is a guile to divide people and create power bases. who gains and who looses ???

ना जाने तेरा साहब कैसा है ?
मस्जिद भीतर मुल्ला पुकारे , क्या साहब तेरा बेहरा है ?
चींटी के पग पायल बजे , सो भी साहब सुनता है .
पंडित होए के आसन मारे , लम्बी माला जपता है .
अंतर तेरा कपट -कतरनी , सो भी साहब लिखता है

Let us believe in God and not in the petty ways to express that how much we believe in him. He loves all, he loves peace, he may be worshipped in any form at any place…He loves Human and Humanity!
Following the ways of Satan, no one will reach God !

3 Responses to “Verdict- Which God needs it !”

  1. Lets pray to Ram and Rahim…. to guide this verdict in the right direction.. for the welfare of all….

  2. More than a matter of rights, people should be dutiful in their approach and be first of all ‘Indians’. If we fight among ourselves, then who will be the losers? A piece of land cannot/should not/must not make pieces of India. In every religion, it is depicted that ‘surrendering to a good cause with noble intentions makes you closer to God’ and that ‘truth prevails at all costs.’ So, why then surrendering should mean giving up… it is not!!

    The verdict has held the beliefs and faith of all concerned… each group is receiving something… acceptance holds the key to the future…

    India has moved on… yes… may be… but it is our responsibility to see that moving on leads to the right and progressive path…

    God is in our hearts… make your heart a temple/masjid/church/dargha and then realize God’s greatness…! May God bless us all and our country! Jai Maata di…. Allaha maalik… Amen.

  3. A nice quote from Kabir followed by a self-evident question ‘why is there the arguments for finding a place for HIM’ and thoughts with explanations by the blogger is not unusual for many aspirants seeking peace.

    If He is in believe then the believer could be weak also at times. Many examples can be dogged out from the history and surroundings. I often heard from the westerners saying ‘Hey, though many people are poor in India but they have a charm on their faces, they feel happy and satisfied. Even we do have every facilities here but we lack that happiness and peace which an Indian posses’. I have been often confused with such statements as these are compliments or Kritikaments. Last week I met a lady in her 70s, who has dedicated her life for the service of mankind. She was a symbol of love and peace. Though childish in nature, she gave us some thoughtful insight when I humbly requested her for any message. It’s now up to us to follow.

    Personally, I never found any conflict between different symbols or forms, popularly known as ‘GOD’. Every form is in its own unique role. All the fights and conflicts are within and arising of human tendencies at appropriate time. These tendencies are very opportunistic and are somewhat like tumors.

    Before looking for believes in HIM, I look in the self, sometimes carefully, sometimes critically, sometimes mercifully and so on in many ways many times. But found one aspect that self knows everything. Try never to cheat it, a wash on the face and mirror is not sufficient – not a belief but merely HIM only.

    Enjoy the joy!

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