Father’s Day

“Papa” the word brings so much to my mind and heart, memories, learning, experiences and …yes dreams.He is the source of strength, foundation for the value system and yes his encouraging words take to the milestones of success.
His affection is incomparable , distinct and so unique.

I remember going on the snow covered mountains with my papa, going to school with papa and find him waiting outside the school gate after my exam…,I also remember when he used to teach me maths and helped me in completing my project reports…taught me cycling and then … I recall the moment when I was leaving for hostel.
can never forget when I found him awake ,his hand on my forehead during fever.

Remember the joy on his face on every achievement and also the way he helped me to overcome my failures .Understanding me always -the told and untold. Enabling me to take decisions. Making me what I am Today.

I have no words to express the way you have believed in my dreams and aspirations, my identity and making me learn the way to respect oneself and value the dignity…

Every father, but dreams of a very special person who takes better care of his daughter …enjoys that emotion and cherishes the memories.
Happy Father’s Day Papa…

and may your long cherished dream come true the way you want it to be 🙂

6 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. nice one…till now the best one

  2. gud one…

  3. here u express ur thought about the PAPA. this time u r too personal

    u can give it a large canvas.


  4. nice blog…

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