Women’s Day

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

March 8, 2010

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Women of Substance

Women of Substance…is this a word that could be used only for few women or to all around us ?

The collage tries to capture women in different gestures but I hope you all notice it is missing the old women ,the women who has seen most of the moments, who has undergone different pains and who  emerges as a winner to many struggles and who many times chose for a voluntary defeat to keep things together. Yes, I am talking about the greatest amongst all ladies “Mother “. At a time we see so many expressions that it is difficult to choose the best every moment every expression is full of life !

The women of substance is not essentially a great leader, an extremely successful women,or someone exceptionally beautiful!

She is also not the one doing sacrifices always or the haughty and arrogant one.

I believe every women who has that tender heart,that selfless love, endurance in all difficult situations. Who laughs at the sparkles of water and does not always need a diamond sparkle to cheer her.

Who cries in the theater and who do not mind licking the fingers while having delicious food. Someone who enjoys the sunrise and he moonlight,yes and she is the one who keeps saving whole year many times to give the loved ones a surprise.

Whose neck is decorated by pearls many time…the pearls I am talking about here are the tears she shelters  around her neck when she gives a shoulder to cry on.

Many people may not agree to the fancy words …yeah may be sometimes she is harsh ,deceiving, ruthless. But it happens when she receives all this in her life…she absorbs it .Her tender emotions are ridiculed, walked over,called insane ,impractical. Ah! she picks the rose to express her emotions and she keeps waiting …fumbling the stem getting pricked by thorns of uncertainty. Its not someone’s fault may be the destiny but yes small things affect her much.she closes herself to a shell and lives in a fear of not being reciprocated. People assume she is arrogant proud …what not.

hmm hey ladies cheer up and gentlemen there is no offense !

lets talk of some wonderful things :

The joy of eating the Golgappas…all filled with minty spicy water and the gossips having no beginning ends or logic. When she enjoys the high swings or try do a tough job of heavy engineering.She works or she does not works by default she carries that role of a housewife -IMPLIED.

Whatever the topsy- turvey ways ,she finds her own sky to fly and enjoy the flight …the flight of her dreams little joys within her inner self.

Someone who stop by the road and starts taking a pic fully engrossed or the one who runs behind the ducks and play with them,someone caressing the baby and finding the whole world in him . Yes they all do have some substance ..does the world has heart to see…does it has a  heart to respect…does it sees her as a human…does it  feel her heart beat.

It anyways shall not make a big difference because woman will be the same whatever she is if the world acknowledges or not makes a difference for the world…they miss or they get something  precious.

When she laughs she may be undergoing tremendous pain but she still spreads joy…share the joys the happiness, warmth of that affection …

On this W omen’s Day I do not wish to give a message like … be strong be successful be confident.

I just say be yourself , enjoy your emotions and feelings ,enjoy thy birth as a women no other life may enable you to experience life so wonderfully as  being born as a Woman.

11 Responses to “Women’s Day”

  1. Beautifully captured and poured into words..I luvd it…muaah..nd I am really proud to be called as an Indian Girl..and being a close friend of urs. One of the Catchy line—–“Whose neck is decorated by pearls many time…the pearls I am talking about here are the tears she shelters around her neck when she gives a shoulder to cry on “.

    Waiting for next post…once more ..once more…:)

  2. Nice work. You are pretty good at writing on abstract topics. Though I feel, a bit more coherence would take this to another level.
    Favorite lines—“Ah! she picks the rose to express her emotions and she keeps waiting …fumbling the stem getting pricked by thorns of uncertainty. Its not someone’s fault may be the destiny but yes small things affect her much.she closes herself to a shell and lives in a fear of not being reciprocated.” 🙂

  3. Nupur, I liked the way u ve said ‘voluntary defeat’. It takes great courage to do defeat oneself. And if womenfolk can do tat with ease, then, we are all heros.

    This spectacular journey of life would not have been so complete and full had I not seen the world through my soul – WOMAN. Everyday is a challenge and every moment is worth living. Hurdles only make us more stronger. I am proud to be a woman!

  4. You have captured women’s many expressions. Its wonderfully presented. Your blog made me reflect on a lot of things. Good job Nupur!

  5. It is said that Women are emotional, talk more and over-react or whatever!! But, the fact remains that Women know to express their feelings/emotions & thoughts. When need arises or situation demands, She knows to suppress them as well.

    MOTHER is the ultimate designation that a Woman can have & it need not mean to have a Kid or bear a child. MOTHER is a symbolic way & it comes alive whenever a Woman shows genuine care & love to others even if its a pet dog or a cat!!! Happy Women’s Day… Celebrate Womenhood each moment coz I know it’s not easy being a Woman!! Good One, Nupur – keep it up!

  6. Gr8 post Nupur…It was a pleasure to read it…I guess this one’s the best frm you 🙂
    You have beautifully crafted our emotions in words….Bravo!!

    Keep it up. 🙂

  7. When I started reading this blog…i could see myself doing all these things…be it eating the Golgappas or the endless gossips..!!!

    Very well written….Its the best till date… 🙂

    Looking forward to read the whole new comprehension on Men’s day (If there is any) …. 😉 😉 😉

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  10. Hi Nupur, though your write up is good in its way which I always appreciate…. I think may be unknowingly you have forgotten one fact of a woman…. Though your write is very good to cherish women’s day but have we ever thought …..

    Inspite of all the enriched qualities and being so powerful in her own way and mapping all the sectors of the world along with family…..

    Still some where woman is not that grow high as she deserve…

    May be this is offensive to comment on a women being a part… but still we must be somewhere truthful to ourselves…

    I feel that in spite of all these qualities every woman is also blessed (Can also call as cursed) with small qualities like jealousy, cunning-ness and traitor… though it will not affect directly to all.. somewhere it would hurt some one with the attitude though sometimes good attitude is a requisite of every woman but I feel…

    somewhere something missing in her culture may not be publicly but deep inside her heart…

    Comparing to men in a professional life… inspite of all her capabilities and potential she is not professionally mature…. somewhere something is missing… I feel for the same reason she is unable to make name in every field of life as normally a men does even with limited potential….

    It is really a topic of discussion…

    • true …but cannot generalize all there are quiote a few but still they are who are above these demerits that u have quoted . and for many the professional life is not something so great or vital …but most of the cases be it personal pr profesional
      women fail to gather their strength as a tem nd move ahead togather.

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