By infiniteexpressionsin2009

February 28, 2010

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Category: Reflections, Thoughts


Holi the festival of colors, new crop and  again victory of truth over  evil. This festival is so lively- the colours make it vibrant and unique.

The colours in life’s painting on the canvas in different shades..some colors look good some do not,there are bright and dull colours but many a times they complement and add beauty to the whole picture togather ,some are in excess and some colors are lacking but canvas is not empty.

Different people look at it and find different images.Lets welcome all colors spread the bottles freely on the canvas and enjoy the abstract images where we may see what we wish to. There wont be a fear to give a finishing touch.. to look for perfection in the sketch.. just open your heart and open those bottles of colours spread them all and Watch and let the colours flow in all directions… It could be a masterpiece !

Happy Holi

2 Responses to “Holi”

  1. Lovely….. Awesome description of the festival of colors!!! 🙂

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