When I wanted to catch the sun…

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

February 19, 2010


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I was thinking that there may be two types of people who want to catch the sun… and who want the sun to go… and wait eagerly to welcome the moon..

 I wanted to catch the sun to make the evening stay longer.. so i could spend some more time onthe beach and enjoy the golden sand.. and the silver waves..

 Enjoy the soft feeling of sand getting washed away beneath my feet…the force of waves.. Immersing my feet and legs… coming and going…

The waves.. Slowly encompassing the sun in their arms…

Oh this sun will set full of energy, zeal and activity.

 The moment Moon comes…

 It will make everything so calm… peaceful and yes Romantic.

 I do not want the moon…

Not for now

 I have to go ahead…I have to be in action

 I do not have a place to sit and relax

I do not have a another set of eyes…Where I  see the reflection of moon for whole night.

The moon has not always been so undesirable.

As a child I waited for the sun to set.The evening will comes and I may go out with my Papa.. then coming back having dinner

 And listen to some stories from mom. Morning again waking up… Because of the silly sun.(Yes sun was silly for me at that time )

I grew up into my teens…

I started liking moon even more..

It filled me with joy and specially during those hot summers and the holidays.. I waited for the evening to come and feel the lowering of heat in the air… enjoy the cold breeze.. Going to terrace… or going for cycling

 Why I do not like the moon Now?

I asked a friend… she keeps waiting for the evening to fall and reach home…

But my neighbours son wants the moon to come slowly…as soon as it will be dark his mother will call him back to house… and he has to quit the game to go.

Realistically how much difference do both make to me now…

I sit in this covered Office with windows having blinds… it is only at lunch when if I go to terrace I realize its afternoon..

When I leave the office as a routine… the moon already starts peeping and bids goodbye to sun

Oh If the sun stays little longer I cud still wander on the roads…

The park will remain open….

Roads will not be lonely

ALL B COZ OF THE MOON…which symbolizes the night.

Go away moon

I don’t want

I want only the sun and the sunshine…

For now

Only the sunshine.


3 Responses to “When I wanted to catch the sun…”

  1. Awesome imagination..

    Photography is incredible..

  2. Beautiful imagination, indeed!

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