Relationship and Love

The two beautiful hearts come together in the form of a relationship.. a bond which keeps them together ,remove that support and they might be lost in the crowd. The two hearts flow freely in this vast ocean and when sometimes they join into a relationship,stay there eternally or move to different directions again.

Relationship is a big word… a very strong and meaningful word in the human dictionary.Is it like a painting by a confused painter…where we could see images we want to see. or is it a maze or puzzle that could be solved only by the emotionally intelligent people. Well talking about myself I feel sometimes its more of a pleasure to be an emotional fool !when you enjoy the state without apprehensions, fears,artificial balancing.Flow freely in the ocean someday you may find yourself with that another heart 🙂

It is the things in common that makes relationship enjoyable but it is the little difference that makes them intresting.- Ruthman.

Someone has said very rightly  that People feel comfortable forming relationship with someone who shares some similarities or a common interest.But it sometimes deprives them of best of the relationship!

Love is pure , flows freely and there is no falling in love but flowing in love .A blessing that brightens the life.For today forget if the love has ever given you pain recall that beautiful feeling and think of these petals ,the moment this hands goes they may be withered again in the water depending on the flow.

Love looks for love  or does it choose based on criteria? I do not know if there is a set formula  if you know then tell me too !!

WIsh You A Very Happy Valentine’s Day…

12 Responses to “Relationship and Love”

  1. Yes… Love is always a specification of beauty. As you have said in the last “do not always… ” Yes I say never love can be identical and resides between identical people. It is always owned by unique and mutually opposite… As the Force law of magnetic attraction…

    Like poles always repell and unlike poles attract each other.. In this you feel your love went away leaving you… you cry… then again you realize where did he/she go he is always in your heart fights apart. HOW FAR U GO
    read this blog to know more

  2. Hmm..Wel..written..especially the comment that attracted me the most was this
    @Quot “It is the things in common that makes relationship enjoyable but it is the little difference that makes them intresting.”
    nice readng..!!

  3. Very Well Written Nupur…And nice pic 😉

  4. yes Sandhya ismay tumhaara poora haath hai 😉

  5. Hey Nupur,
    Well love is truly an amazing thing that we enjoy. love is a bond tat happens the moment we enter into this world and continues thro’ to the end. It happens in many forms: God, parents, pets, friends, siblings and even strangers. Its a journey! But then… its only when we find the love of our life……. really makes a difference!

  6. Well said Nupur….Love is a strange feeling.We all look for love,infact,we feel without love there is no essence to life.All through our life we search for love and forget that love is all around us only thing is, we are not able to realize it.We wait for some magic to happen.The magic is inside us,we are the one who create and destroy the magic.Lets just touch the love which is scattered like these beautiful petals…just hold few in the palm and feel the warmth…….

    Love Muzna

  7. well written

  8. Let love be… let love happen… why analyse? flow on the way you are… why do you want to know a set rule, … when you are unique?

    nonetheless Nupur, lovely thoughts, and nice expression!

  9. hey nupur…………… u beautifullly frame words … genius lil one!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kwahishoun Ki Titliyaan ”

    Kwahishoun Ki Titliyaan

    Aarzoo Ke Phool
    Udd Rahi Thi Har Taraf

    Khushboo Ke Ek Hisaar Me
    Khawab Si Haseen Thi

    Qiyaal Si Rangeen Thi
    Komal Inke Pankh The

    Kisi Ke Hath Me Kya Aagayien
    Jaan Se Guzar Gayein

    Kuch Ungliyoun Pe Rang The
    Bejaan Se Wajood Ke

    Kwahishoun Ki Titliyaan

    Hasratoun Me Dhall Gayein
    Kya Woh Bohut Haseen Hai

    Jo Tere Dil Ko Bhaa Gayi
    Nazuk Si Mein Ek Beil Thi

    Kyun Aasra Naa Paasaki….. . ????

    Khushk Raiteli Zameen Par
    Phail Kar Murjha Gayi

    Rah Ro Mere Sath Ke
    Sab Manziloun Ko Paa Gaye

    Mein Hi Kyun Thi BeWaqat
    Jo Raastoun Me Rull Gayi

    Mere Bhi Kuch Khawab The

    Bann Gaye Saraab Kyun…….. …???

    Masoom Si Kwahishein

    Yun Jurm Hogayi Hai Kyun……?? ??

  11. […]  “LOVE IS PURE, FLOWS FREELY , AND THERE IS NO FALLING IN LOVE BUT FLOWING IN LOVE… !! ”          —-   Nupur Rastogi […]

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