Which road to travel?

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

February 11, 2010

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Category: Reflections, Thoughts


Every time I move to diversions and find them blocked after a short distance travelled.. it make my belief more firm that the only way for my destination is the long big bumpy road. Its shabby… long , bumpy full of snow.. but it has possibilities and potential to take me to the destination. When i am tired.. When my determination goes low i think of taking those diversions.. I know not if it is good or bad But I know clearly that I am destined to reach my destination. Yes, I travel through those diversions half heartedly… Or once I shall be strong, now onwards.. Being uni-focussed rather than looking at different things.

Like Arjun, I shall look only at the target and not the surroundings. Oh I shall trust… Only Myself, Why I do not hear me Or I myself… am biased…to give voice – My will gets contaminated. For once I want to see clearly…the crystal ball , Which tells my future. I question myself again…will seeing or not seeing have any difference on my life?

It will be what I want it to be.

4 Responses to “Which road to travel?”

  1. A beautiful road will not las for long..even if it does!! it seldom becomes boring..so the bumps at some stretches gives us a chance to appreciate the clear and smooth road.. just as in life there are ups and downs as similar to the waves in the ocean!! when u are actually with down fall of the wave it looks as if its very long and when u r on the upside it looks as if its just for a while but the truth is both travel for the same time..So lets enjoy the bumps of the road as much we enjoy the beautiful road…

  2. hey…nupur din know you are also poetic and gud at it!Liked ur article….

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  4. When I was reading this line on bumps and speed breaker and when i read Bano’s like on appreciating the smooth road….., yes this is very true as I have experienced while going Sringeri hornadu… The roads were horrible to that extent you can imagine that we could make hardly 10KM/hour… can you imagine… and we were longing to see the better road… when we got it we were so glad to see as if we have reached to the treasure hunt…

    So that means bumps and speed breakers makes our simple fun more enjoyable and this makes our life satisfactory with little things. and As you have said once we have aim no one can disturb our target. You may get confused in the diversions after all humans and are prone to confusions but that is not sin. We can get back back to normal straight line though horrible but destiny is happy and contented.:)

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