By infiniteexpressionsin2009

November 17, 2009

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Worship is a small word with a big meaning…
it is what is something divine.
But can one worship a human…

Yes  ! why not if we can do so for a unseen God
Why not a human who is essentially human and who directly acts
whose acts one can see and adore.

A human full of values,
a human who is sympathetic,
Who knows to work, who believes in Karma
Who respects emotions
Who is full of compassion
Who has the Virtue And the valour
Who helps when it is most required.

To whom it is viable to make offering…

I want one such human whom I can call “LORD”
To bestow my life in his feet.
To see through those clear honest sparkling eyes.

To follow the footsteps towards the new horizon.
To be worthy to hold His finger
And led by him towards Life …
A life full of enlightenment
A life leading towards ecstasy

This very soul is
So incomplete without the LORD.
Am I able to get this in this birth?
Or I need to take a birth again.

9 Responses to “Worship”

  1. Worship is an wonderful write up if it is not biased….

    Y only men need to be LORD cant women be the LORDESS of someone… other than this the rest is very much sensible…. Though it is impressive it can impress only men… so they may feel great about it… Though write up is wonderful as usual ur writing style itself is very attractive and adorable… But your comparison must be unbiased…

  2. Eyes filled with water. Me also searching for a person with all those ” ” but a million dollor question is will we able to find him/her in this birth or need to take another birth?

  3. Hi Nupur,

    Creative as usual ( Nupur’s creation!!! I call) but…

    This very soul is
    So incomplete without the LORD.
    Am I able to get this in this birth?
    Or I need to take a birth again.

    Sorry it makes very less practical to one’s life (oops! probably alteast to me)

    Don`t we all come to this world as guests—constantly striving to find the golden rule of a successful rapport with everybody and everything we come across? From birth to death a person`s success or failure is measured by the kind of relationship he/ she has had with elements of this world: people. Nature and beyond it all,with the spirit behind this “relative world”. But striking the right chord in a relationship often proves a hard nut to crack.

    The world seems to constantly echo with a disconcerting chorus of voices, the result of frustrated relationships between parents and their children, husbands and wives, friends, siblings, in-laws, employees and colleagues—individuals disillusioned with themselves for not being able to relate successfully to their environs.

    The most interesting aspect of this scenario is that, today there happens to be no dearth of methods to arrive at that elusive “success” in the act of relating.

    Lastly as the saying goes by Orson Welles !!!

    We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

  4. The poem is thoughtful and beautiful as ever. The picture is perfectly complementing it. I must appreciate the creativity of words and the scenic beauty of the blog.

  5. TRUE FEELINGS!!! No one is born alone. Everyone has a special day, its just that it will happen one day like a miracle. you will remember me then :)…

    All the Best. Your Lord will appear very soon….

  6. I’ve copied it to my community on orkut “malice toward none”.
    I hope you don’t mind not asking for permission first.

  7. Ma’am, I always knew that you believed in the theory of Karma… and this was such a beautiful way to portray it.

  8. Hmm … its a good poem but larger than life imagination people may like or not like, but poetry is a medium through which you could express some unrealistic and idealistic views..i need not say again…may your dreams come true 🙂

  9. Nice poetries!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really heart touching!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Must publish your work after ______________
    Once again I must tell………it is an excellent job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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