The Moment…

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

November 13, 2009


Category: English Poems, Reflections


Something which is for a while but …lasts forever

The fragrance of the flower that follows…

The feel of the cold wind…

The tiny drop of water that just slides away

The entwined trees in your way.

The thought and the idea…

The pleasant recall

The sight of the waterfall

That unseen glimpse in the heart that makes you smile…

The illusion that comes for a while.

That warmth of mother’s affection…

And that first fascination.

8 Responses to “The Moment…”

  1. Heelo Mam,
    all are very nice n good.


  2. Nupur……. I’m speechless. You have a very deep soul. Great one! very refreshing and I never had an idea of what moment is until I read tis… do you understand what i mean?

  3. All the pic in your blog are so cute. The pic and the thoughts are complementing so well…

  4. Butterflies are the most prettiest creatures of this earth and a wonderful creation of the “LORD”. There is one movie in kannada of vishnuvardhan. His wife always asks him to get butterfly for him which he is unable to catch. That means Though tender and cute in looks butterflies are very sharp. Also girls are compared to butterflies due to the changing nature of their behavior. so it can be compared to anything which is beautiful, sharp, cute and vanishing creature…. Your write up is also very cute like a butterfly itself…. nice one…

  5. the pic truely reflects the last line of the poem.. first fascination.. the moments we relished wen we were young.. n the moment in the pic is very nice 🙂

  6. awsom ……. we all hav such moments in our lives which is a life long memory n none can steel or borrow them …. by reading this poem u took me back to all those moments which is stored in the corner of my heart !!

  7. Whatever expresses about moment i.e nice one.

  8. Dear Nupur
    Really mesmerised by your poetry. You have always been very creative your it reflects in this as well.
    Remain positive & creative always.

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