Restless Sea…

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

November 10, 2009

Category: Reflections


The sea is one of the most calmest as well as the restless entity I have come across.
It is turbulent at times and so serene and calm at the other moment. The waves that break into hundreds of tiny drops when they come running and strike the stone…, the same waves sometimes come to the coast so quietly and play that give and take game… they wash away some of the things…and they take few things with them.
This sea never keeps anything with itself permanently and it expresses freely ,its mood. The tides are high and low, its calm and quite some time and unstable at some other time. Are we humans also like the sea?
We have so many ups and down in life, sometimes there are incidents that shatter us break us into pieces, and then we take a new form again, a new shape redefining those broken pieces in a different form. At times there are situations to which we react very quietly and accept them. We are forgiving at other times where we do not keep any grudges to our heart and forget the incidents, we let the things go…leaving them on the coast. Sometimes we are accommodating ,taking the pain of others encompassing it within ourselves like those waves which wash away the coast and leave it clean.
When it is difficult to hold back the emotions we find someone trustworthy and express them,…waves leaving the objects on the coast.
All of us are like this sea in a way…. sometimes calm.. moving slowly absorbing, sometimes turbulent, ferocious, aggressive, non conforming…
But in the end ,like the sea ,we shall, not keep anything to ourselves, be it the joy or the pain…express and share it.

7 Responses to “Restless Sea…”

  1. You are right Nupur, The sea are the best examples of human life. The best part is the sea never allows human to intervene in them. As it knows humans are not worth doing it. With respect to feelings, though human resembles sea but Sea is the most powerful entity in keeping its feelings, expressing, and holding everything in one place though lots of trouble it has. But it is not the case of man. Man if little problem exists his whole life is shattered and it really take a long time to come over it or sometimes it never happens.

    But any ways it is a wonderful write up.

  2. Also the photo of the sea is very beautiful. It makes the blog attractive and expressive…

  3. What goes through my mind when I see this image? There’s an emotional and an intellectual response.

    Firstly, I’ll try to describe the emotional response. When I see an image I really like, a feeling of pleasure rises up from inside me until it touches my lips and forms a smile. But images can evoke the full range of emotions from tears, to anger, to laughter. An image’s ability to evoke an emotion is one of the measures of its strength.

    It’s fascinating that everyone reacts differently to images.

    There are a few images which strongly affect virtually everyone because they sum up a powerful emotion or statement about the human condition in a universal way.

    On the other hand intellectual appreciation revolves around understanding and acknowledging the context of the image, the implications of its content and the analysis of its aesthetics.

    Overall when I see a good image, there’s a feeling of recognition, a clicking into place of both emotions and intellectual understanding, which produces a sense of fulfilment and ultimately leaves me with a feeling of freshness and joy. I can’t begin to describe how profoundly an image can move me, the deep joy it can give me as I discover its beauty. I really do love great photography.

    It’s wonderful to see and read!!!!


  4. Dear Nupur,

    Its simply awesome, while I was reading this, it actually took me to an imaginative world, living behind whatever i was at that point of time.

    You have brought out the truth of life in a beautiful way in the form of a sea. Thats exactly is life and emotions all about. If one understands these things emotions can be controlled and its definitely a learning for people.

    These are my learning through your blog “Like the sea ,I shall, not keep anything to myself, be it the joy or the pain…express and share it.

    Beautiful content & an amazing photograph.

    Keep rocking babe 🙂

  5. Hey Nupur, I simply love the way you correlate things. Example of sea for commenting on human nature and our life is just the perfect, i feel! Keep it up. I enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  6. The pic and the content makes it so explanatory and expressive.
    I really enjoy reading this blog….

    Awesome mam keep it up.


  7. Roaring Sea, huge waves, potent force…. to a ….Calm sea, silent waves, peaceful feel…. indeed, Sea is a nature’s display of moods that makes u wonder whether to be scared of it or love it…! Tat’s why I think people say “U hav gone through a sea of change” nice work… keep it up, Nupur

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