…. a walk in the rain

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

November 9, 2009

Category: Reflections


Today morning while I was going to office it was drizzling. It was a pleasant walk for me…wait this is not the conclusion. The tiny droplets of water were touching my face and refreshing me …till; a car came and passed by the muddy puddle of water making my trousers of double colour. So far my face was happy, though nothing affected it now too, but my poor feet all wet with the dirty water. Now if I think I can still enjoy the drops of rain and walk smiling…it’s a bit tough. I understand that the double colour of my trouser will go after a wash, and the feet will be fine once I wash them, but I cannot simply ignore the discomfort which my feet are feeling? Still I shall not forget the refreshing joy from the raindrops.

When I talk about the winters, my feet are cozy and warm comfortably covered by the shoes and socks and it is the face that has to bear the chilling breeze. It’s a bad weather for the face but the feet remain less affected and enjoy the comfort, protected from dirt, and cold. This is how the life is , we have so many dimensions in it ,that it is very difficult to keep all of them aligned. Our work, our family, our personal choices…sometimes it is a contrasting situation, we are doing exceptionally well in our professions, but to meet the demands of those opportunity, have to sacrifice some bit of personal comfort. Sometimes we have family as our priority and we need to compromise on the career aspects, lowering our ambitions, or postponing them to the next season. There is a joy and there is some unpleasantness, the choice lies on us that on what aspect we pay more attention. This decides our way of living life, enjoying life …or passing the years of life!

3 Responses to “…. a walk in the rain”

  1. Two events were very beautifully compared and analogy was excellent. Though we have different dimensions, our priority lies in selecting the best one. It always stands on first in First out(FIFO) but sometimes no! all the times it goes on decision making and high importance. In spite the Weather was too happy outside and we enjoyed it. Though I come in shelter I have my own imaginations and thinking but still enjoyable. … I pity your pants 🙂 .

  2. Nupur,
    Wonderfull wordings with excellent imagination!

    “Rain” very special to me. Tthe very thought of getting wet in rain is a wonderful feeling!

    Love to sit beside a window watching the pearl dropping…………..continues

    Your poem brings back my childhood memories………..

  3. 🙂 love the numerous nuances of your thoughts

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