Sudden Summer Rains

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

November 6, 2009

Category: Poems



In this hot summer season
All of a sudden
There is a sigh of relief
Suddenly my gaze stops at the windowpane
Yee to see the tiny drops of water on them,
I walk hurriedly and open one,
Aah !! the shower in tiny droplets
Strokes my face…

Lot many tiny droplets soothing me
I wish to close my eyes and enjoy the rejunivating sensation.
The wind so cold and so fast drys them again…
And shower moistens up….it’s a wonderful game .
No one wins and no one loose
it’s a nice peaceful game to choose.

Cloudes make the backbround music and wind gives the rhyme…
Rest is filled by string of tiny droplets falling on the floors
,asbestos sheets ,iron gates…
And sometimes bringing music like the wind chimes.
The ashoka tree dancing right and left and all the leaves shaking around,
The blades of grass doing the twist and flowers showing delight
Even drops of water do dance in groups on the telephone wire……
Go ahead my little heart says and dance to the harmony….

But how… is there anyone to accompany?….I ask
I have yet to enjoy it under the roof, from the sights through open window….
Clouds roar and raindrops explore
But here I have to wait for yet another downpour
Yet another downpour.

5 Responses to “Sudden Summer Rains”

  1. You know how to give meaning, how to embrace life, how to make things happen and how to make people smile………..
    i am really impressed by your style

  2. Nupur, its rather difficult to give words to feelings… most of the times the essence of it gets lost in the terseness or elaboration… but i really love the way you held on to the string that tugged at your heart and strung the words like beads to it
    would look forward to more such glimpses and journeys to your heart 🙂

    best wishes

  3. This is such a well written piece….true depiction of rain….

  4. Some People says if u r in love u feels the drops of rain but i think if your mind is calm u can feel these feelings everywhere

  5. I love rain because its very pure like love………….

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