Aimless Wanderings…

By infiniteexpressionsin2009

November 6, 2009

Category: Thoughts


We all are living ,struggling and striving hard for different things ,but it is all in pursuit of happines.What motivates us to do any action,take a decision,stretch ourselves and work hard.Why do many a times we measure the life only in terms of success and failures.Having a fixed notion about the happiness…relating it to some event,person,acheivement.Why we cannot simply enjoy the learning experience ,now we know what not to do at least in order to be successful…we had while TRYING, is it so essential for it to be followed by a success?

People stay in that gloomy dark past…why they do not want to move..why to stagnate.

Another reason for not moving is…is not having the reason to move. But wont it be interesting sometimes to wander aimlessly…move , move,move for ‘NOTHING’ sometimes.

yes it will make you realize that there is so much to like,enjoy ,many things beyond your imagination,beyond the expectations…

When you go to a scenic place ,you just enjoy the scenery,is there any set definition of a good scenary…how every object shall be arranged..the redness of the sun ,curve of the mountain,what way the trees should stand and the speed of water flowing down…the structure of rocks…

So without the apprehensions  sometimes move…with the wind with the time..enjoy what comes in the way !!

2 Responses to “Aimless Wanderings…”

  1. Very true Nupur,

    Why get ur Joys/ sorrows, achievements/ sorrows associated with someone.

    Yes i agree at the end of the day we owe a part of any of these things to “one” but at the end of the day we “live for yourself”. It might sound selfish but thats the reality……..

    I suggest ………one should start by really looking into the situation you’re in. And if you’re unhappy in it, change something. Pick back up a hobby that really used to make you happy. Exercise. Even just a walk around the block after dinner, it gets you moving. And once you start doing what makes you happy, you realize, that’s all you have to do to live life to the fullest.


  2. Move for “nothing” sometimes.. i liked it.. as u said, its up to us to find out the reasons and make ourself happy.. jus live in the present and be happy for what u are.. 🙂

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